A Note From Noah:

My love for food, adventure and travel sparked when I was a kid of around nine or ten.  Growing up in a remote fishing village in Southeast Alaska, I’d spend my time building forts, exploring the untouched forest and combing the rugged Alaskan coast.  When not exploring, I was often passing the time trying to figure out how to make a dollar or two in a town of 29.


After many ventures, including selling quarts crystals, handmade wooden earrings, painted fish prints and catering breakfast to the fishermen via a rowboat at 5am (absolutely the worst), I decided to convert our treehouse into a restaurant.

Named by my far more cultured, and clever, friend, The Spruce Needle had inside seating for two and sold scrambled egg burritos and coffee for $1.50

Unaware at the time, a seed was planted; a love for food had begun.  The Spruce Needle (like the “Space Needle”) was a booming success as far as 10 year old me was concerned.  We had people from all over the world stop in on their boats and climb the wooden latter to the restaurant; National Geographic stopped by, as did Graham Kerr, and many others passing through on their own adventures.

I haven’t lost my love of cooking for people and the sharing of a meal is one of the things in life that brings me great joy. I can imagine few things better than stories, friends, or friends to be, with a glass of wine and a home cooked meal.

Later in life, when it came time to choose some sort of path, I chose photography instead of culinary arts as my way to explore the world and the things I love.

Its no wonder that the two have passions came to such a happy meeting place. Photography gives me the ability to share so many wonderful stories, meals, and adventurous memories.

~ Noah