An Old Man And A Girl

Hooch's first stop after Richie and Cassie adopted him was my dinky studio atop a garage in Santa Barbara.  He was tiny - couldn't make it up the stairs, onto the couch, off the couch, or very far in any direction.  I was in charge of his first hours in his new family.  We sat and ate tuna out of the can in my unfurnished kitchen.  Since he was a pup, he's attacked every back door doorknob in every house Richie and Cassy have lived - eaten through several doors, destroyed more than one car interior, pulled the blinds off of any window near the couch, and pretty much destroyed any world he's lived in... but he's always done it with such a sweet temperament.  He was one of the most gentle dog's I've ever met.

When I started writing this, I was thinking that this could be one of Hooch's last hikes.  I never finished the post.  Several weeks later Hooch took a turn for the worse and started on his next adventure, wherever that might be.

I'm glad Hooch, Richie, Alina and I could share one more hike together.