New Year in Sequim

Fireworks never get old... I mean, I've been lighting sparklers off since about as early as I can remember. Somehow though, still fun. This year we spent New Years Eve shooting sparks off into the sky behind my parents place in Sequim. The flashy lights and big bangs bringing Ohhhs and Ahhhs from the crowd of four.  
When the mortars had run their course, we spent some more time ohhhing and ahhhing over the magic little sticks spitting sparks in all directions.

We did the sparkler dance for a while - arms waving letters and symbols in the dark - totally entranced and completely focused. Oh, the simple beauty of fire.  When our minds were released from the sparklers grasp, we returned home to the warmth of the fire, wine, and time spent with family. 

It was a simple ringing in of a new year, and I doubt we made it until the clock hit midnight, but it was peaceful and nice to spend it with the ones I love.

I hope your 2016 is filled with flashy lights and big bangs, but when the sparks settle, you find yourself at peace and with the ones you love.