Down the California Coast

“I wouldn’t drive it to California or anything…” my neighbor said with a chuckle.

I wouldn’t find the humor and irony in this until I was packing up my ‘new’ 1986 Volvo (with 300k+ miles on the odometer) for my drive down the coast. Seattle to LA.

I switched off the phone, grabbed some paper road maps from a gas station and headed south.
Unplugged and headed for California; it was the most present and free my mind has felt in a long time. All the cliches felt right at home on the trip. Open road. Check. Salty beach air and a cool breeze, check. Beautiful ocean sunsets with dolphins, check. Giant, awe inspiring trees and sunny skies, check.

California is truly remarkable and full of beauty. So much to explore and see.

Excited to call this beautiful state home.